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Laparoscopic Rectopexy

Details of the Patient

  • Patient's Name: Anonymous
  • Patient's Age: 70
  • Patient's Gender: male

Symptoms shown by the Patient

  • The patient came with something coming out of anus for last 1 year, every time comes during defecation but last 6 hour not going back.

An Overview of the Case

A 70 year old male came with something coming out of anus for last 1 year. It would come out every time during defecation and last for 6 hour and not going back. By clinical examination he was diagnosed to have rectal prolapse.

The prolapse reduced with local anaesthesia. After 1 day of stabilization, he was taken in operation theater.

He underwent laparoscopic rectopexy, whole prolapse fixed inside to pelvic bone.  Postoperation he recovered well and was discharged in 3 days.


Medical Tests Performed

  • Clinical Examination

Guidelines Provided after Treatment

Tips to prevent rectal prolapse :

1 Avoid straining yourself while doing stool

2 Avoid spending long time in toilet

3 Avoid newspaper or mobiles in toilets

4 If their is constipation consultant colorectal surgeon 

5 if any rectal prolapse get treated by colorectal surgeon

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