Pune’s Dr Samrat Jankar successfully removes a gastric trichobezoar by laparoscopic surgery(keyhole surgery)

Published on 22nd May, 22

Dr Samrat Jankar, best surgical gastroenterologist in Pune, is also an eminent laparoscopic surgeon, removed a gastric trichobezoar from the stomach of a 35 year old female patient. The patient’s family had approached Dr. Jankar as the patient complained of abdominal fullness and early satiety for the last few months.

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Bowel Cancer – Causes and Treatment

Published on 31st Aug, 21

Across the world, increasing number of people are suffering from bowel cancer. Bowel cancer can occur to anyone anywhere, irrespective of his or her financial status. Let us learn more about bowel cancer. Dr. Samrat Jankar, best gastroenterologist in Pune states that as per figures received in 2020, increasing number of people who are aged below 50 years are being screened for bowel cancer and early treatment.

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Pune’s Dr. Samrat Jankar suggests laparoscopic hernia surgery as the best solution to repair hernia

Published on 15th Jul, 21

Recently, Dr. Samrat Jankar got published in NYOOOZ news for suggesting Laparoscopic hernia surgery as the best solution to repair hernia.

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Gastritis Causes and Prevention

Published on 25th Jun, 21

Dr. Samrat Jankar shared his views on Chronic Gastritis, its causes and prevention. His views got featured in many publications and media groups.

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Dr. Samrat Jankar successfully performs a Laparoscopic Heller Myotomy on a 23 Yr girl with swallowing issues

Published on 21st Jun, 21

Recently, Dr. Samrat Jankar well-known gastroenterologist in Pune resolved difficulty in swallowing issues in a 23 Year girl for the past one year. She was detected with grade 4 dysphagia wherein she was unable to swallow liquids and/or her saliva. Her health had deteriorated to a great extent. She had lost nearly seven kgs weight in the past six months. The clinical diagnosis stated the patient was suffering from Type II achalasia cardia and its associated complications.

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Published on 21st Apr, 21

Dr. Samrat Jankar was a keynote speaker at a recently held, Online CME on Laser & Clinical Surgey at Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation's Medical College & Hospital, Ahmednagar. He shared his expertise and experience in Current concepts in complex fistula in ano management. He also conducted a live demonstration on LASER LIFT technique. He has developed an improvised LIFT procedure using LASER energy to offer a better healing experience.

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Dr Samrat Jankar Emphasizes Laparoscopy Surgery To Treat Colorectal Cancer With A Good Radical Cure And Faster Surgical Recovery

Published on 20th Nov, 20

Recently, Dr. Samrat Jankar got featured in Pukar News in which he Emphasized on Laparoscopy Surgery To Treat Colorectal Cancer With A Good Radical Cure And Faster Surgical Recovery.

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