Exercises that Aid in Optimal Digestive Health

A person's ability to absorb nutrients from foods can be hampered by a lack of digestive capacity. If you have digestive issues, you should see a gastrointestinal doctor in Pune as soon as possible for a correct diagnosis and treatment.

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Digestion is the process of breaking down the food we eat to absorb it and use it for energy production. A variety of factors can cause low digestive capacity.

A lack of digestive capacity can hamper a person's ability to absorb nutrients from food. If you suffer from digestive problems, you should consult a gastrointestinal doctor in Pune right away for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Dr Samrat Jankar is one of the experienced gastroenterologist in Pune with 8+ years of experience in diagnosing and treating minor to complex gastrointestinal problems. Moreover, he has immense expertise in colorectal surgery, bariatric surgery, HPB surgery, and other associated procedures.


Let us now turn our attention to our topic of discussion: optimal digestive health.


Low energy levels, agitated mind, low self-esteem, low efficiency, and many other issues are linked to poor gut health. Specific exercises can help you overcome this problem.


Most modern issues, including digestive disorders, can be solved with exercise. What's the harm in improving your digestive strength if you already have it?


It might be challenging to find a suitable activity to assist your food to go easily through your digestive tract and enhance your overall digestion. There are many digestive exercises, constipation exercises, bowel movement exercises, etc.


exercises to enhance digestion

The following are some exercises to enhance digestion that can be a great approach to help with digestion:



For most people who do Yoga, it is a spiritual practice. Yoga has a plethora of advantages. Yoga promotes spiritual development, mental calm, physical well-being, improved balance, increased strength, and increased flexibility, among other benefits.


Yoga is simple to begin. The majority of Yoga positions and exercises are simple to follow and safe. If you don't know how to perform it properly, you may injure. Several Youtube channels, videos, and applications can assist you in getting started with Yoga. If you prefer to be around people and are a social butterfly, enrolling in classes is the best option.


Yoga helps you attain better digestive health by allowing your body to simply and efficiently transport the foods you eat through your digestive tract, allowing you to have more digestive power and a smoother gastrointestinal tract. Yoga can even help with various gastrointestinal issues that lead to poor digestive health.


Tai Chi 

Tai Chi began as an ancient Chinese fighting technique and has since evolved into a graceful form of exercise for stress relief and a variety of other physical issues. Slow motions are combined with focused breathing in Tai Chi.


Researchers believe that Tai Chi can improve the quality of life for both healthy people and individuals with chronic illnesses. Tai chi must be performed correctly to get the most out of it. Joining a Tai Chi class can help you overcome various issues and enhance your gut health.


Taking a Deep Breath

Breathing is an aspect of Tai Chi and Yoga, but it is also beneficial on its own. Deep, slow breathing might help you absorb more oxygen, relieving tension and anxiety. Increased pressure can have a variety of physical and emotional consequences. 


Digestion can be significantly aided by breathing exercises. Begin with simple breathing exercises such as deep breathing and work your way up to more sophisticated breathing exercises such as anulom-vilom (Yoga).


Taking a walk

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients may benefit from exercises such as walking. Moderate activity, such as these, is recommended to reduce these accumulations and improve the overall quality of life.


If you haven't been exercising, starting with walking is a great way to get on track. Walking has several physical and mental advantages. Here are some pointers to help you get the most out of your walks: -

  • Maintain proper posture by keeping your back straight at all times and avoiding strain.
  • Allow your arms to swing freely and hang loosely.
  • Your steps must begin at the heel and conclude at the toe.
  • For a comfortable walk, wear comfy shoes.
  • Be persistent and set goals that you can strive toward.
  • Find a walking partner to keep you motivated and interested.

Core Exercises

Abdominal and back muscles are targeted during core exercises. A stronger core is linked to a healthier stomach and easier digestion. According to studies, our body is responsible for 60% of the forces involved in digestion. Developing your core is a terrific approach to improving your digestive health. 


Particular core exercises can aid digestion. Performing the core exercises incorrectly can lead to major back issues that can take decades to heal. To avoid injuries, it is suggested that you hire a personal trainer.


Here are some exercises you may do at home to strengthen your core:

  1. Hollowman - Lie on your back on the ground with your shoulder away from your face, raise your leg from your butt down, keeping it straight.
  2. Hold your body up in a high plank by keeping your arms straight and stretched with your palms on the ground. Keep your hands in that position for a time.
  3. Mountain climbers - Stay in a high plank posture and bring your knees to your elbows one by one, creating abdominal and lower back tension.


Exercising is a fantastic method to re-energize yourself. Consult your gastrointestinal doctor in Pune before doing these workouts if you have a chronic GI condition. In general, if we are fit and healthy, exercise is the best technique to keep our bodies from contracting these ailments.



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