Laser Proctology surgery in Pune

Piles(haemorrhoids) occur due to chronic constipation or diarrhoea, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy, or pressure when passing stool. They occur due to less intake of fluid and a less fibrous diet, mainly processed foods. They have known to occur in people of all ages, especially senior citizens. Most colorectal surgeons recommend laser proctology as one of the most reliable ways to treat perianal problems. It is a simple daycare procedure that effectively treats fissures, fistulas, hemorrhoids, and pilonidal sinuses or cysts.




Proctology is a branch of medical science that focuses on treating the conditions of the anus and rectum. Dr. Samrat Jankar, a well-known gastroenterologist in Pune is an expert in Laser surgery for hemorrhoids and fistula. Further, he specializes in LIFT, an advanced procedure for complex fistula. Being a well trained laparoscopic surgeon in Pune, to date, Dr. Jankar has successfully performed more than 100 LIFT procedures.


All about Laser Proctology

Laser Proctology is a branch of medical science that treats the conditions of the anus and rectum using specialised energy device as LASER.


Laser Proctology Procedure

In this procedure, a light beam of high energy, i.e. Light Amplification by Stimulated Radiation, is used to remove or burn out the abnormality. It is a bloodless and painless procedure that leaves no scars. It is preferred over open surgery and causes fewer complications.


Different types of proctology procedures

Laser surgery for hemorrhoids and fistula:

Nowadays, laser modality is preferred over traditional surgery to treat hemorrhoids (piles), fissures, and fistulas. Laser surgery has many advantages, such as:

Greater accuracy and precision

Shorter operation time

Quick recovery

Lesser pain

Lower recurrence rate

No chance of a fecal incontinence

As this is a daycare procedure, you are discharged within a few hours, and you can resume your normal activities in a couple of days.


Laser Proctology to treat

Fissure :

Fissures mean tearing of the skin; hence, anal fissures are tears in the inner rectum or anal canal muscles. They can occur due to normal pregnancy, diarrhoea, rectum cancer, and so on. Dr. Jankar will perform laser proctology to cut the internal sphincter to ensure the smooth passage of stools and discharge of secretions.

Anorectal Fistula :

An anorectal fistula is an infected tube-like connection between anus and surrounding skin. Untreated fissures also develop into anorectal fistulas that are treated through open surgery or laser proctology. The patient complains of pain and swelling in the anal area with pus drainage. At times th patient may develop fever, chills, and complain of fatigue. Dr. Jankar destroys the affected section and seals the anorectal fistula through laser proctology in order to treat the anorectal fistula.

Hemorrhoids :

Hemorrhoids in the anal canal contain blood vessels, muscles, support tissues, blood vessels, and elastic fibres. The patient experiences pain and discomfort while passing stools. Dr. Jankar will perform a laser proctology procedure to shrink and burn the hemorrhoids without damaging the tissues. The recurrence of prolapse is prevented through fibrotic reconstruction to ensure that the mucosa adheres to the underlying tissue.

Pilonidal Sinuses :

Pilonidal sinuses are found at the end of the tailbone and above the sacrum. They contain skin debris and hair. They turn painful when they and the overlying skin get infected. Dr. Jankar performs the laser proctology procedure to remove the infected bodies with minimal damage and speedy recovery. Also, the chances of pilonidal sinuses recurring are almost nil.


LIFT procedure for complex fistula

Ligation of the intersphincteric fistula tract (LIFT) is an innovative procedure used to treat complex or deep fistula. This technique allows the surgeon to reach the fistula between the sphincter muscles without damaging them. LIFT procedure is recommended when the surgeon has to treat fistulas(complex)  which pass through the anal sphincter muscles. Also, it is risky to perform a fistulotomy in that area. In this procedure, the skin above the fistula is cut to move the sphincter muscles apart. The fistula is sealed at both ends and cut open to make it lie flat. LIFT is a minimally invasive one and promises fast recovery.

​LIFT procedure not only heals quickly but also minimizes the postoperative complications and incontinence. Dr. Samrat Jankar in fact does modify the LIFT procedure (LASER LIFT) wherein inter sphincteric tract ligated with LIFT procedure and distal tract cleaned using LASER so that wound will heal quickly.


Key Advantages of Laser Proctology

Greater accuracy and precision

Shorter operation time

Quick recovery

Lesser pain

Lower recurrence rate

No chance of a faecal incontinence